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I'm not quite interested in the app's technical specs, but I'm afraid it may be dangerous to specify my contact info here.
google  26.04.2019 в 05:26
All the data specified is encrypted and stored on the remote server. Identification is impossible even for the administration. As an additional security measure, you can create a unique email address and then delete it after the session is over.
  26.04.2019 в 09:28

Application works just fine. I used it already five times without any problems. The only thing is that I would advise you not to provide any data that would disclose your company and accept only cryptocurrency payments. Stay well!
mail  18.04.2019 в 06:12

I had doubts app would really be able to hack WA but it works like a dream! I haven’t tried any other spying apps yet but expect it to work just as well
google  15.04.2019 в 23:05

tw  15.04.2019 в 08:11

If the mobile data service is switched off your tracker won't available? How does it work anyway?
instagram  13.04.2019 в 02:54
The data will transferred from an app's backup copy. Consequently, there's no need in the Internet connection. Moreover, a target's device can be turned off – this will not affect the WhaSpy operation stability.
  28.01.2022 в 17:22

I always knew that any chat can be hacked. But I got really surprised that this application can detect location point. Almost everybody has WhatsApp on his phone, which means that almost everyone’s location can be tracked.
fb  07.04.2019 в 15:51

Hello everyone! I want to leave feedback about this application. I do business in the state employees I have a few people working at the IT. I as an employer it is very important to my staff worked directly instructed me to work, instead of sitting on chats or spend working hours. With this application, it became clear to me who actually works and who sits pants. The app is very simple and intuitive, easily launched. Is cheap, the effect is obvious. I'm happy!
tw  04.04.2019 в 02:44

I have been having a few issues with the app and had to reach out for help. Support was very helpful in the chat we had. Once I follow his advise I hope it fixes the problems I'm having.
mail  31.03.2019 в 03:25

It’s very cool and simple application so that even child can use it. I was first suspicious about it but then I really liked it.
instagram  22.03.2019 в 16:39

We've been using this app for 3 months now and it proved to be an invaluable business tool which we could not do without. I will continue to recommend it to all of my business friends who are seeking to more effectively manage their staff.
fb  16.03.2019 в 03:10

How long should we wait for mobile app developing? Currently, there's only a devilish uncomfortable way of service applying – internet browser.
tw  11.03.2019 в 12:29
The mobile version of WhaSpy undergoes the final testing phase. It'll be presented in the nearest future.
  11.03.2019 в 13:10

I have two teens and tried almost all the monitoring solutions, but every application has own flaws. WhaSpy has solved many problems and I use it every day.
google  20.02.2019 в 08:40

Delete my contact info from the website. I don't want to be discovered.
google  16.02.2019 в 00:11
You can deactivate account by yourself in the Dashboard (settings) section.
  16.02.2019 в 01:29

Completely satisfied with this tracker. I had the launched it quickly, use all the features, and think this is a great solution for responsible parents
instagram  03.02.2019 в 22:49

The only spying app that free from downloading. Any other similar apps requires being installed. This may turn difficult and often becomes unsafe. Developers did some awesome work.
tw  29.01.2019 в 15:45

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