Affiliate Program of WhaSpy

Invite your friends and earn 25% from commissions on their transactions!

The update 3.6: affiliates.4 Referral link lifetime increased to 45 days

Users Can Manage Progress

  • The dashboard of affiliate campaign displays the full range of your personal progress. It includes registration, sales, deductions and your personal bonuses. You can check your income, track performance and withdraw the funds to a cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Unlimited Promotion Methods

    • It doesn’t matter how you attract a user. This can be done by clicking a banner or pressing a certain button or using a personal or someone else’s account (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) or even by checking a link under a themed video on Youtube. The amount of payment will always be 30% and it is calculated within 120 days upon registration.

No Commissions and Fees

  • To begin cooperation with us, you don't need to register a legal entity. Just provide a wallet address for deductions. Cryptocurrency payments will allow you to get the net income in your personal wallet. Payment amount will fully correspond to deducted one due to the complete absence of tax deductions.

Bonuses for Best Affiliates

  • Special contests are held monthly to evaluate the effectiveness of partners. The most successful partners will receive an additional bonus in the form of a 50% reward on income for the current calendar month. Also, special discounts are available for partners when paying for any WhaSpy service package.

Continuous Passive Income

  • According to statistics, 68 out of 100 users have bought WhaSpy services more than twice. This means that you will receive affiliate earnings every single time your referral makes a purchase. Completed transactions are displayed on your account in real time.

A Small-Scale Business

  • To start a business, you don't need to register a company, rent an office and hire employees. All you need is a smartphone. Almost every device can be used for sharing the affiliate links on social networks and other sources used to attract the targeted traffic.

Some Information About Affiliate Program of WhaSpy

The WhaSpy Affiliate Program allows you to promote the most effective tool for hacking WhatsApp with maximum fault tolerance rates. Thanks to the unique set of features and their impeccable implementation, our tool doesn't require advertising since it is ahead of the closest competitors.

Nevertheless, the product is still quite young and we are interested in a continгous stream of new users.

We want to ensure that our partners can conveniently work therefore we offer all the necessary tools on the campaign's dashboard. Moreover, each partner, who has earned over 3 efficiency points, will be offered a personal manager who is always ready to suggest the best options for promotions.

The FAQ's about an Affiliate Program:

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