Business Use

  • Evaluate working efficiency of your company’s employees by assessing WhatsApp call history. Relate the number of attracted customers and calls made by each employee to spot the most valuable personnel and evaluate the average conversion rates. Manage a single monitoring profile on the Dashboard by launching Whatsapp hacking session.

Parental Control

  • Use WhaSpy to control who your child or elderly relative are communicating with. You don't need to confirm the launch of hacking session so you won't need to answer uncomfortable questions of your loved ones. In addition, simultaneous reflection of several sessions in your account will greatly simplify navigation and control.


  • The client determines the scope of software. The administration is not interested in the purpose of using the product and user is solely responsible for that. However, the use of this application in any way should not violate the current statutory regulations.

How does WhaSpy gain access to WhatsApp call history?

Each WhatsApp account history is occasionally stored and synchronized with a backup copy located on the application server. This measure enables simultaneous use of one account on several devices or its complete transfer when changing a phone number.

WhaSpy exploits the widespread vulnerability of cellular networks based on SS7 by using the security hole of mobile operators and remote intercepting a packet of incoming data by phone number (including the QR code needed to verify WhatsApp). After that, the history of compromised account is uploaded to the virtual Android device. Then archive with account history is formed and becomes available for download on the Dashboard.

Multilingual Customer Support

For your convenience, we have added the following sections: FAQ Working Principles User Reviews There you will find the answers to any questions that you might get while launching, paying or using WhaSpy. Didn't find an answer? Contact Customer Support and our technical expert will contact you soon.

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