Text Messages

  • After launching hack WhatsApp messages algorithms, you can also get correspondent's name and photo, date and time of message receipt and information about all the messages that have been deleted during account use.

Group Chats

  • Saved chat threads along with the list of initial group members (contact's name and photo), information about administrator, message content as well as exact date and time of publication.

Voice Messages

  • Download received and sent audio messages. In addition to the ability to play recordings, the application displays message status (received or sent), correspondent's name and photo as well as the date and time of its sending.

Photos and Videos

  • Check the list of media files enclosed in chat right on your Dashboard. Get additional information about sender and recipient of the file, the size and format of file as well as its viewing date and time.

The List of Documents

  • WhatsApp enables sending both media files and large files in any other format. You can save them to hard disk of your device for further research.

Activate WhaSpy features in a few simple steps:

  • Register an Account
    Create new profile using email address. You can also log in via Google, Facebook and Instagram

  • Specify the Phone Number
    To remotely hack WhatsApp specify the phone number in international format

  • Choose the Billing Plan
    Select the best offer with required range of features and press Launch to start the session

  • Manage Sessions
    To see the content of one or several WhatsApp accounts, simply log in to the Dashboard

The Benefits of Online Application for WhatsApp Monitoring Using WhaSpy

  • Activation without Access to a Device

    Simply specify the phone number linked to the account in international format to launch WhatsApp hacking session and read chat history without phone access. All the process is happening in the background mode and does not affect the operating stability of target device and account.

  • prices

    Flexible Pricing and Prepayment-Free Plan

    Depending on the type of subscription, users can always benefit from additional discounts and special bonus offers. The user is requested to pay for services and replenish account balance only upon successful launch of the session and obtaining the target account data.

  • The Confidentiality of Users

    All information received and provided by users is strictly confidential and stored using the end-to-end encryption algorithms. Employed payment methods make it impossible to determine transaction's sender and recipient. The use of cryptocurrencies ensures full protection of application users.

  • Intuitive Interface

    The application can be launched right now, it does not require lengthy and troublesome setup. Dashboard interface is easy to use for the average user and simultaneous management of multiple sessions at a time enables significant decrease in operating time.

How to Read WhatsApp Chat Using WhaSpy?

To read WhatsApp chat, the user only needs to launch hacking session on the Dashboard. The hacking process will take around 10 minutes. Once the current software version is up to date, simultaneous launch of multiple sessions is possible. This features allows to reduce the waiting time, simplify the monitoring model and let the user gain access to additional discounts.

WhaSpy automatically exploits the common vulnerability of SS7 mobile operators. This enables remote reading of WhatsApp chat history therefore a user does not need to get access to the target device. This is the main benefit of WhaSpy compared to the alternative solutions. The digital core of this application does not interact with the WhatsApp application, making WhaSpy ideally compatible with all types of devices.
This makes WhaSpy perfect tool for WhatsApp hacking.

What guarantees can I get, can I see a piece of messaging?

We do not provide free accesses and samples of messages. To provide a sample, we need to perform a full operation cycle, which implies a certain level of depreciation of equipment and related costs. Our guarantee is the decent reputation in the segment and hundreds of positive reviews published in open sources.

For what period of time will user messages be available after session launch?

WhaSpy working mechanisms allow you to restore the history of a compromised WhatsApp account from a backup. That is, you will receive a full history of all the chat since registration date of the victim's account.

Can I read deleted messages?

Unfortunately, deleted chat threads like individual messages are not saved in the account history, so their recovery is impossible.

Will I be able to correspond on behalf of the victim?

To chat on behalf of the victim, you will need to transfer the compromised account to your device. For this, the QR code is available in your account. You will need to go to WhatsApp Web and point the device’s camera at the intercepted code. Please note that after this, you significantly increase the risk of detecting a monitoring session.