The Description of WhatsApp Messenger

  • WhatsApp is a free text messaging service established in 2009. Nowadays, application offers wider range of the following features such as making audio and video calls, displaying the current location, transferring files and documents between users or groups. The application is fully compatible and anonymous compared to other applications of similar kind.
    Compatibility It is possible to use one account and phone number only for communication on different devices with all the modern mobile platforms and operators.
    Anonymity Sent and received messages are deciphered using <code>libaxolotl (Signal Protocol). Protection approach eliminates the possibility of attacking an access to the user's correspondence using standard methods.
  • WhatsApp registration and authorization performed using a phone number which serves as a user ID. In the future, to log in to an existing account on a new device, a user will have to confirm account rights by specifying login details. In this case, the phone number will be used as a login, and the one-time 6-digit verification code. or QR code will be used as a password. This code will be sent to specified phone number.
The Description of WhatsApp Messenger

Verification code is an unencrypted one-time message. Confirming this code, a user confirms WhatsApp account rights. Having obtained a verification code, any user can instantly log in to a compromised account or restore it on any device. And this is a very simple thing to do. You just need to get the compromised device and fix the 6-digit code, but what if you cannot access device? In this case, you can use remote methods to intercept the verification code.

how it works How SS7 Vulnerability Affects WhatsApp Hacking

We perceive cellular networks rather like secure communication channels, but the truth is that it is not really so. Cellular network security has become a serious issue for more than five years. Since its architecture has been created over 30 years ago and it is recently lacking significant updates, almost everyone can gain access to personal data using the SS7 vulnerability. All the necessary tools for this are in the public domain. Using the SS7 vulnerability, it is possible to intercept incoming data packet of a mobile subscriber along with the WhatsApp verification code.

For this, internal identification of SIM card in network is determined in automated mode (IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber Identity), and then the address of temporary VLR database subscriber’s parameters are stored in is detected as well. Sending a command to change the VLR address to the fake one, you can intercept incoming SMS from subscriber and get verification code. In the future, these actions will have to be done to transfer the compromised account to the new virtual Android device.

Android device, which serves as a remote emulator, located on a virtual server running Linux OS. This emulator is used to log a user into the compromised account by indicating the intercepted verification code and further restoring the full account history. Note that this process is fully automated and requires only the victim’s phone number from the WhaSpy user.

Your WhaSpy dashboard is designed so that the received data is divided into corresponding sections for more comfortable navigation. If you are not able to manage a compromised account via the web interface, you can always transfer it to your personal device using a QR code. However, after this, the account holder is highly likely to discover that his account has been hacked.

Activate WhaSpy tracker in a few simple steps:

  • Information Available After Account Hacking

    As a result of hacking a WhatsApp account and subsequent data compromise, the following information will become available: the QR code for authorizing an account on a new device, current GPS location coordinates, user's incoming and outgoing messages, files enclosed the to WhatsApp dialogs, a full list of saved contacts along with photos, a log of made audio and video calls. All data stored on the backup account will be transferred to the WhaSpy virtual emulator and formed into a single archive for a subsequent download.

  • Compatibility Terms

    WhaSpy software demonstrates consistent compatibility with the vast majority of mobile providers worldwide. Monitoring session can be launched on a device of any type, brand and model. Our developers are constantly testing the product for all kinds of errors and immediately make all the necessary updates. For this, users can leave feedback and possible suggestion on how to improve our product. Having a hard time using our application? Get in touch with our technical specialist and we will immediately fix your issues.

  • The Confidentiality of Online Application

    Most WhaSpy users voted in favor of updating the software protocol to the version 3.6. The update included the full integration of the end-to-end encryption mechanisms (E2EE). Version 3.6 is designed to completely prevent the leakage of provided and received data. The balance of your personal account can be replenished only using the most popular cryptocurrencies as this is the only available method of hiding information about a sender and recipient of the payment. You can check the results of our poll in the section Project's Blog.

  • Quick Response at Every Stage

    No matter where you are, no matter how securely the victim’s smartphone is protected, the full cycle from the launch of WhaSpy till the final creation of the user archive always takes around 20 minutes. Signal interception of the protocol network occurs almost instantly and does not depend on the security level of the compromised device. Upload of the files to your account and archive creation takes most of the time. However, we set up our equipment to ideally distribute the loads therefore you don't have to wait long for the result.