Contact List

  • Get access to Contact List by specifying phone number for hacking WhatsApp. The feature lets you identify user contacts for using the parental control feature or extract the most useful business data.

User Names

  • A list of contacts in international format is of little value to customers as such but username is very important indeed. It is created upon registration of each WhatsApp account and stored in a backup copy along with other personal data.

WhatsApp Profile Picture

  • Each messenger user can choose profile picture. This helps to quickly identify a user during chatting. Using WhaSpy, you will not only receive contact lists with required names, but also personal user pictures.

Time and Network Status

  • You may be interested to know when and how long the subscriber was lately online. WhaSpy has this feature. This type of data will be displayed in your account, it will be exported directly from a WhatsApp account backup.

Parental Control

  • Check the Contact List of your loved one or close relative to control the social circle. In addition, you can always find out the phone number of any friend of your child to call him in some emergency situations.

Business Monitoring

  • You can't help but wonder who the business competitor is talking to or do you just need to get someone’s contact list? Activate the WhatsApp hacking session by specifying a phone number and get the information you need in a matter of minutes.

How Extracting Contact List Works?

Each WhatsApp profile is synchronized with Contact List of the device (smartphone, PC or tablet) it is installed on. This is being done for transferring the contact list to the application to facilitate the communication process. In turn, WhatsApp account transfers the backup copy to the server to save the data further. This data may be required for further account transfer or phone number changes.

WhaSpy uses the SS7 vulnerability to intercept an incoming data packet with a QR code. Having done this, the application transfers an account to your Dashboard, where you can find all the information from the backup copy. Information is sorted into sections for ease of visualization on your Dashboard. You can also download the archive to the device’s hard drive for further research and processing.

Billing plan includes this and many other features.

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