Account Recovery

Possible issues related to account recovery

Every user might eventually encounter problems during account recovery.For instance, phone number linked to the profile can be registered to operator in another country or for another person. People might also lose phone during leisure or business trips. How to recover account in this case? It's simple - use WhaSpy to get control over your account in a matter of minutes. You won't even need to contact WhatsApp support. You can launch session right away!

Intercept QR code

How to recover WhatsApp password without phone access?

To recover access, we exploit the vulnerability of cellular networks. Over 80% of modern mobile operators are subjected to external interference. The mechanism of incoming data package interception helps to obtain the QR code required to transfer compromised account to a new device. Dashboard interface emulates Android device to which the compromised account will be transferred.

Scan QR Сode

  • WhaSpy algorithms enable interception of the incoming data package to the specified number containing the QR code required for account recovery. Just scan the image in your Dashboard with your mobile phone’s camera to transfer the data.

Chat History

  • Check a complete list of incoming, outgoing and group messages, ignoring WhatsApp protection such as end-to-end encryption algorithms. Apart from the message content, you can also see sender's name as well as date and time the message was sent and received.

Current Location

  • Find out the current location of the device with your account in the online mode. You can use the provided WhaSpy radar function to search for your lost device or determine the current location of your correspondent.

The List of Files

  • Download the full archive of files enclosed and received with WhatsApp messages. These can be usual documents, media files, audio and video content. The archive is very useful in case of loss of the valuable information transferred via WhatsApp messages.

Saved Contacts

  • Sometimes very important WhatsApp contacts may be lost. Now you can recover this information thanks to WhaSpy features. Check all saved notes in the Dashboard and save them.

Call Logs

  • Restore the history of WhatsApp audio and video calls. Apart from the list of calls you can also find out caller's name, date, time and type of call (audio or video) as well as call's duration. Get to know who was contacted using your contact's name.

How to Recover WhatsApp Using WhaSpy

  • Specify the phone number linked to your account

  • Launch SS7 session to hack WhatsApp online

  • Wait for the content to be reflected in your Dashboard

  • Activate account on new device or download the history

The Benefits of Account Recovery via WhaSpy:

  • Phone number change

    Instant Number Change

    Apart from account recovery from the backup copy, you can also transfer full account history containing the following information: chat history, current location, the list of files and contacts and the log of audio and video calls. Following account recovery, you won't only be able to get full history archive, but also use it further on new device by doing simple and seamless data transfer.

  • Recovery

    Remote Recovery

    To launch recovery procedure, you don't need to have an access to the old phone number. Our algorithms are designed so that session could be launched at any time. Moreover, you won't need to grant any account rights to the WhatsApp support team. Simple specify the phone number in international format instead to launch the session and scan obtained QR code by the camera of your device.

  • Search of Lost Device

    Use the WhaSpy features to search for a device that got lost or stolen from you. Find out your current location if a connection was established and WhatsApp was installed on your device. Important: geolocation services should be activated, device should be аccessible and communication services must be paid.

  • Compatibility

    Maximum Compatibility

    The WhaSpy online application fully operates through an Internet browser, using developer's computing power. For the client, it means full compliance with the system requirements of any low-performance device. The main requirements are Internet access and a browser updated to the latest version.

Supporting every client is the task of utmost importance for every modern online project. Contacting the Support Desk,you can expect reply in an hour. Check our FAQ section to find out the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our users.

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