How to Find Out Someone's Location via WhatsApp

A very useful feature that allows you to share your geolocation with other users has appeared after a major WhatsApp update starting with version 2.16.399 for Android and for iPhone. Messenger users have the opportunity not only to transmit their coordinates, but to allow their partners in conversation track their movement in real time.

WhatsApp Location

How to Enable Geodata in WhatsApp

Sending geolocation in WhatsApp or letting someone else track a dynamic route is easy enough. To do this, you need:

  • Open a group or personal chat
  • Click the Attach icon and select Location.
  • In the next window, select Share Geodata
    send location
  • Set the time limits to make geolocation in WhatsApp available to another user for a certain period of time.

You can only use the devices operating on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone to send location coordinates via WhatsApp. This feature is not available in the messenger's PC version.

Using this feature, you can't privately track a person's location via WhatsApp since the victim can see it in the chat window and easily turn it on and off. It means that even if you access subscriber's phone and manage to get GPS coordinates, the victim will notice it and disable this feature. In this case, the victim will probably get very angry about it.

Is It Possible to Find Out the Location via WhatsApp Without Access to the Phone?

Common approaches don't allow you to learn the user's geolocation without knowing. For example, if you use the phone search function, a message about this action will be sent to the subscriber's device. The use of spyware installed on the target device will be ineffective as well. Modern data protection algorithms recognize such a software in a matter of seconds and block its actions.

One way to track someone's location via WhatsApp is to use the WhaSpy web app. The main advantage of this approach is that it allows you to track the subscriber's coordinates even if the feature is blocked in the privacy settings.

In addition, WhaSpy gives you not only access to the person's location, but also to the full history of his activity in the messenger including chats, calls, send and received multimedia files, favorite messages and configured newsletters. The remarkable WhaSpy advantage is complete anonymity of actions. Messenger's client will not be able to find out that you've got his data if you don't admit it yourself.

Another feature provided by the app is the search of a lost phone. If you don't have this feature initially set up, you can use WhaSpy to easily track gadget location, but only if it's still online and WhatsApp is running in the background.